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Our Team

Ehab Abdel-Sayed

The Tannery Pharmasave, Driftwood Pharmasave, Central Pharmasave : Pharmacist, Owner and Manager

Being Pharmacist, Owner and Manager of three pharmasave’s keeps Ehab busy. Dividing his time, you may see him at The Tannery, Driftwood or Central Pharmasave, ready to serve his customers. Being a certified specialist in diabetes management means his expert advice is sought after. Making sure clients are heard and advising appropriately and with the latest knowledge is why he enjoys being a pharmacist. Having moved his family from Egypt in 1995, he is proud that one of his children is following his footsteps at U of W Pharmacy School. But if you ever want to test Ehab’s skills outside the pharmacy that is best done on the ping pong table.

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The Tannery Pharmasave : Compounding Specialist and Operations Manager

With over 20 year’s experience, Mary has been an asset to The Tannery Pharmasave since it opened it’s doors. Researching in her spare time keeps Mary up to date as the on-site compounding specialist. She enjoys learning new ways to improve her clients health through speciality compounding and finds this rewarding. 

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Mariam Hanna

The Tannery Pharmasave : Pharmacist

In 2012, Mariam joined The Tannery Pharmasave team. With her warming smile it is no surprise that what she enjoys most about work is making customers happy and healthy.  SInce moving to Canada from Egypt in 2009 Mariam is always on the go as a Pharmascist and busy mom. So when she can get a spare moment picking up a book and reading is always a pleasure.  

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Emad Masood

The Tannery Pharmasave : Pharmacist

In 2016, Emad  joined The Tannery Pharmasave team,Tannery Pharmasave has given him knowledge in speciality compounding and he enjoys being able to consult with clients to offer the best solution for a healthcare need. Almost equal with with passion for being a pharmacist is his passion for all things soccer.

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