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Diabetes Education

Diabetes is a life altering disease that can be really hard to navigate. That is why Ehab Abdel-Sayed, pharmacist and owner of The Tannery Pharmasave, Driftwood Pharmasave and Central Pharmasave is a Certified Diabetes Educator. He understands that it can be challenging to monitor and understand all the potential side effects of this disease. He also understands that every case is individual and needs to be managed individually. With his speciality training he offers instruction on how to manage the disease, the medication required and complicating factors. As a pharmacist he understands all the potential drug interactions and can advise on what may put you at risk. So whether it is learning more about insulin management, foot care, skin care, eye care, oral hygiene or cough and cold products, Ehab will help you manage your diabetes so you can enjoy life and not have to worry. A consultation can be scheduled at any of our three locations. Call or stop in today and let’s work together to give you the best diabetic care.

We also stay up to date and carry all the products needed for diabetes management, so take a look at our selection of glucometers, insulin supplies and more when in store. 

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